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Every organization would love to get their hands on the best available talent to fill open positions. It’s a simple fact, and one that can lead to a significant obstacle in recruiting new talent to work for you: competition. When LinkedIn released its 4th Annual Report for U.S. Recruiting Trends this past month, it identified […]

A common complaint from recent graduates who are seeking their first professional home is that it’s impossible to find a good job in their field without experience. But according to LinkedIn’s 4th Annual Report on Talent Recruiting Trends, this may be changing. In fact, 83% of large businesses and 75% of small businesses now recruit […]

When it comes to recruiting, finding the right talent is critical. Your goal is to find individuals that you know will fit in with your company’s brand and culture. And of course, this is also the goal of those seeking employment. They want to learn as much as they can about a business before going […]

With more ways to reach out to potential new hires than ever, many business are taking new approaches to hiring to find the ideal job candidates to suit their needs. Professional Social Network Hiring On the Rise Social recruiting has quickly become one of the most prevalent hiring trends. In fact the rate of hire […]

Posted on December 3, 2014 in Talent Brand, Talent Nurturing

LinkedIn just released its 4th Annual Report on talent acquisition, and it’s full of valuable recruiting lessons. Among the most important takeaways is the increasing importance of your talent brand, which can make a significant difference in talent nurturing. What Is a Talent Brand? The talent brand is a marketing concept applied to recruiting. A […]

Posted on December 1, 2014 in Back Office, Recruiting Software, Staffing Software

In our instant-gratification society, more businesses than ever are turning to new technologies to help them keep up with customer and employee needs. One of these rising trends includes paperless on-boarding via cloud applications. Designed to save time, money, and trees, cloud applications are a low-cost alternative to paper forms and filing cabinets as well […]

Online networking has clearly become quite commonplace in almost every aspect of our lives. Social technology has changed the way businesses correspond with people – it amplifies customer engagement and provides efficient marketing strategies. It has also transformed recruiting practices. To draw in top-quality talent, organizations must attract potential employees through online networking to demonstrate […]

If your company is expecting to hire temporary workers for the busy holiday season, you should realize that you have to be as careful when choosing them as you are when you hire full-time employees. Why is that important? You may not have considered the fact that many temporary employees have access to your crucial […]

Posted on November 18, 2014 in Staffing News

With an ever-increasing number of employment regulations to deal with, and the subsequent need to retain compliance documentation, proper record keeping has become a top priority for HR departments everywhere. From FLSA-required employee information, to FMLA leave information, employers must be able to produce the mandatory information quickly, in the event of an audit or […]

There are many factors to consider when comparing invoice applications, and those factors will vary depending on your company. Price and ease of use are probably two of the most important, but if you’re a staffing company, there’s a lot more to think about: not only do you need to send out invoices to different clients with different billing needs, you also need to collect timesheets and expenses from various sources and process payroll in a timely manner [...]