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This HUB is for staffing and recruiting professionals. It aims to address the key business challenges faced when building a successful Staffing or a Recruiting company. We have partnered with some of the best thought leaders, consultants and trainers to provide tips and strategies you can implement.

With the vast number of different systems, programs, and applications that staffing companies are using to help them complete time and expense reports, sometimes it’s hard to know which is the best solution. However, this is for certain: if staffing companies are looking for maximal productivity, chasing time cards won’t get them there. If companies […]

Posted on August 21, 2014 in AkkenCloud™, Recruiting Software, Social Media

If there’s one thing that people know about contemporary society, it’s that we’re used to having data at the tips of our fingers. Especially for staffing and recruiting, it’s all about who can get the job done fastest and most effectively. For both of these things to happen, recruiters need data to be immediately accessible […]

The Staffing Industry analysts make a cunning point in their recent article, “Temps are Now in the Driver’s Seat”: while recruiters’ focus was once marketing their services to employers, the priority has now shifted to informing the employer of the advantages. This is especially the case for the industries that are experiencing overwhelming worker shortages, […]

Disaster recovery is something that all staffing and recruiting companies extensively plan for, but when it occurs, they rarely ever see it coming. And according to The Staffing Stream, as many as 30%, or nearly 1/3, of small businesses never bounce back from a natural disaster. Your business data is everything; it’s your backbone, your […]

Posted on July 28, 2014 in Recruiting Software

Big data is here to stay. Over the past decade, the use of big data as a recruitment tool has facilitated recruiting efforts across the globe and has entirely transformed the staffing and recruiting “game.” Certainly, big data is reveled for its insight; namely, advanced statistics and algorithms. The phenomena of possessing more knowledge is […]

Sometimes, even when it’s not broken, you can still fix it. By “it,” we’re referring to businesses—all businesses—in the midst of serious changes to the job market and employees’ shifting expectations. While baby boomers are retiring in growing numbers, they’re leaving senior level positions wide open in industries across the board. As we’ve begun to […]

Posted on July 11, 2014 in AkkenCloud™, Recruiting Software

Earlier this week, LinkedIn featured an article written by Steven Lennon, Consulting Principal at Fujitsu, titled “When Culture and Technology Collide.” The piece examined some remarkable concepts pertaining to the relationship between culture and technology, and the implications of this relationship for our ever-changing society. Lennon asserts that technology is driven by culture, and, likewise, […]

In today’s recruiting landscape, there is a giant emphasis placed on recruiting the best talent, as there should be. But many modern staffing and recruiting approaches are beginning to slide when it comes to something equally important: candidate satisfaction. No two candidates are identical in their qualifications, experience, aptitude, or professional temperament, which is why […]

Yesterday, job site powerhouse Indeed made waves for the promotion of mobilization, as it announced its acquisition of MoBolt in an effort to enhance job applications through mobile technology. Indeed confirmed in its job search data earlier this month that almost 50% of all those seeking jobs do so with the help of a mobile […]

Earlier today, Business2Community published an interesting article titled “Balancing Growth and Resourcefulness,” which discussed the ways in which moving business to the cloud allows companies to be resourceful while also remaining current. Especially for staffers and recruiters, implementing best practices and using modern and innovative recruiting methods are integral to maintaining a competitive edge. Resourcefulness—in […]