Words from our happy customers

Retail Positions/Career Connections
The sales and technical teams at Akken are focused on the needs of my business. It is almost as if they are customizing a product for me and my team. They are responsive and genuinely care that their product is making my business more efficient.
Deborah S. Trippier
US Placement Partners
Within the first few months of founding my own company and using the AkkenCloud™ software system, I was able to make six permanent placements. I attribute this to the user-friendly, comprehensive and robust technology that Akken offers. It’s so quick and simple to enter companies, job orders and candidates. Submitting a candidate through the system is a breeze - the best part, is all of the emails to and from candidates and clients are tracked in the database automatically. I don’t have to cut and paste anything and this saves me so much time without that redundant step. I highly recommend the AkkenCloud™ system and its customer support team for any recruiting firm.
Sharonah Sardella
Crossfire Group LLC
We are impressed with the service that the Akken support team has been providing. Not only is the team incredibly responsive and available, but they are also fun to work with! They have helped us through the transition to Akken, and we were able to begin use of the program the same day that we signed up. I would highly recommend Akken to any staffing company.
Deb Schneider
VP and General Counsel
Digital Concepts
We love AkkenCloud™! It is an intuitive, clean, effective and affordable system. It is comprehensive yet simple to use and provides all the features needed to recruit, track and staff successfully.

The sales, technical and customer service teams at Akken are very passionate and focused on the particular needs of our small but growing business. They are genuinely interested in helping us be successful.
Tracey Logan
Technical Recruiter
Apex HR Services
I highly recommend. We switched over from ACT a couple of years ago now and it's awesome. You can do pretty much anything with it.
Barry Wilson
Sr. Recruiter
Preferred Personnel
That's the one thing that's been amazing to me, the customer service and rapid response to any question we have. I've had nothing but positive experiences with Akken.
Amanda Bledsoe
HR Director
Cheryl Roshak Associates
We explored Bullhorn but didn't find it as effective or user friendly as Akken so we went with them instead. Love it and the tech support is fabulous.
Cheryl Roshak
Partnership Staffing
The Akken team is great. Although they have many clients, we always get the attention needed. Whether it is a recommendation for an enhancement to the service or a training situation for me or my team Akken is there to see us through. I would highly recommend working with Akken.
Bill Auchmoody
President & CEO
After conducting in depth evaluations of the leading staffing software solutions, we selected Akken's all-in-one system because it is user-friendly, flexible, and contains everything we need to operate our business and be more productive. Since AKKEN integrates both our front and back office management operations, the addition of payroll processing to the system eliminates the need for us to make double entries of payroll data and makes payroll administration a seamless component of existing workflows. This capability will be a big time saver for us.
Scott Fleckenstein
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Career Connections
We are very pleased with this latest batch of enhancements. The AkkenCloud™ platform provides many benefits to our organization and helps us to be more productive while reducing costs.
Valerie Kinnard
President/ Owner
Holland Square Group
The new upgrade makes managing assignments more efficient and makes the site faster and more effective as a whole.
Cara Fowler
Work at Home Vintage Employees
The ability to use any browser, any device with Akken has simplified my life and I have become more efficient. I am constantly traveling and being able to use my iPad to access my information wherever I am keeps me in touch with my business.
Sharon Emek
President and CEO
Source Associates
I have virtually no limitations accessing my business information onto my Android tablet now. I can confidently say that I am at the ready for any of my business tasks at any time. This type of functionality is rarely found inherent within staffing software and I love that no matter what I am using, I have access to my information.
Paul Fremder
The Akken Help Center is easy to navigate, user friendly and provides up-to-date news about Akken, It also provide access to its blog and information about changes made to the platform.
Matt Barouh
Managing Partner
Eclipse Professional Services
The new Help Center is full of useful and helpful information that answers all of my questions on a daily basis. The updated search option allows users to dig down into the content found within the Akken Help Center to find any relevant data that I can use to walk myself though any process within Akken.
William Rose
Work at Home Vintage Employees
We used Akken Open API and integrated our custom-built candidate screening system directly into Akken. The integration was simple, user-friendly and quick.
Frank Senter
White Staffing Management, LLC
We built a simple application using Akken Open API to import time sheets from various VMS systems into Akken. With this integration, we are saving time and money because we are alleviating several manual steps and have faster data transfer.
Brannon Buchanan
Database/ Systems Analyst
Talent Staff
We chose the Akken platform because we needed a cost-effective solution that could grow with us. During the past two years, we have increased our use of the Akken functionality and have doubled the amount of users. As our company continues to grow and evolve, we are confident that Akken will be right there with us. We consider them more than just a software vendor; they are a strategic partner that is important in the growth of our organization.
Helene Cavanaugh
Planet Forward
We have been using the Akken platform for several years and are constantly impressed with the intuitive performance and speed of the solution. Since Akken’s Staffing platform is cloud-based, we have great flexibility and can continue to access its full life-cycle capabilities as we continue to grow.
Michael Stromberg
CEO Planet Forward/ Planet Pharma
Non Profit HR Solutions
Built on CRM platform and very customizable to the organizations' specifics and the universal changes impact everyone. I also love the online updates that happen and the flexibility and changes. The Akken team listens and responds to needs that impact all, but they also respond to your individual issues as well. Patty Hampton
Patty Hampton
Ryan Graham
Akken has been a huge help in every aspect of my job, email, candidates, job orders. It seems like there is almost nothing Akken can not do.
Ryan Graham
Colby Resources
Consistent upgrades to database. Always have customers in mind and listen to our suggestions/complaints Consistent management of the system to always keep us up and running Price is affordable for all staffing agencies, even independents.
Jennifer Colby
Alta Staff
While working with the company I have learned that staff will come together as a team and work together to accomplish their goals that are set in front of them.
All in One Employment
Akken is very attentive when it comes to resolving any software issue im having. They will have a resolution within the hour.
Gary Gilmore
Aces Staffing
I am the Hr administrator for our office and this software makes it so easy to enter my new companies, candidates job orders all at one time, plus payroll reports are made just about effortless. And what i don't understand Akken provides the best customer support.
Lorrie Abila
Red Carpet
Customer Service, after the initial "sale", is unequaled anywhere. I enjoy the responsiveness and the seemingly genuine desire of your service staff to solve the needs of the end user.
Rodney Dwayne Butler
Coastal Staffing
I am a new user of Akken and I love the easy to use settings. It is hard working as a Recruiter and you need software that can help your job to be efficient and user friendly.
Brandi Casteel
Ruthi Postow Staffing
Akken continues to listen to it's clients and make improvements to the system.
Marcia Wheatley
Akken is very easy to navigate through and extremely user-friendly. I use it every day and I have never had a problem with the Akken system. The support team at Akken is also very helpful and courteous.
Bethany Suarez
Great system! It has just about everything one needs to run a staffing agency.
Ian James