How Current Are Your Recruitment Techniques?

Recruitment solutions to know aboutB2C published an article about the up-and-coming recruiting technologies that staffing companies should—but all too frequently don’t—know about. Not shockingly, behind video interviews were mobile recruiting, social media recruitment, and big data recruiting. None of the items on this “must-have” list come as genuine surprises to us, primarily because these are technological innovations that we have stood behind for quite some time and have confidently incorporated into our own staffing software.

Even with a majority of companies transitioning to mobile friendly site designs, too many staffing and recruiting organizations continue to disregard the centrality of mobile recruitment. Whether these companies simply have doubts about its effectiveness or they aren’t certain if there will be a sufficient return on investment, they are meantime losing out on enormous talent opportunities as a result of their failure to adapt. Let’s face it: smart phone owners don’t go anywhere nowadays without their mobile devices, which means that any information that they seek—including employment opportunities—will likely be sought on a cell phone, tablet, or other device created for easy use on-the-go. If an organization’s site isn’t optimized for mobile, candidates will likely look elsewhere.

Using social media for recruitment is a practice that has skyrocketed over a number of years and continues to grow tremendously due to the manifest advantages that it offers. A vast majority of graduates entering the workforce are active on some online social platform, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+. Colleges are now offering courses that specifically aim to teach students how to best market themselves on social media. Those who are looking for employment are encouraged to create social media profiles in order to increase their visibility to potential employers. On the whole, the introduction and increasing popularity of social media has allowed for greater recruitment efficiency and talent acquisition, yet many staffing and recruiting organizations still fail to incorporate social recruiting tools into their strategies.

The same can be said for the use of big data, which is an immensely valuable tool for recruiters when it comes to looking beyond the talent that’s currently available and preparing for what type of talent is about to become available. Analytics are an enormous piece of the recruiting puzzle, as they enable staffers and recruiters to anticipate candidates and to secure them before competitors have the chance to. When big data is used in collaboration with social media recruiting and mobile recruitment, staffing and recruiting firms are afforded a foolproof way of surpassing even the most difficult competitors. Luckily, if you weren’t aware of these recruitment tools prior, Akken provides an advanced, comprehensive, and easy-to-use recruitment software solution that incorporates all three to optimize your recruiting strategy and make your business exponentially more efficient. When the recruiting stakes are high—and, as you know, they are always high—the risk of being outshone by competition is a risk you can’t afford.