Back Office Staffing Software

The back office functions of your staffing agency are not seen by the general public, but they provide integral services on a daily basis. You work with IT professionals, web designers, and other personnel to make sure that your recruiting firm has a presence on the Web and in the public. Your choice of AkkenCloud™ back office software sets you apart from the competition.

Back Office Staffing Software

Our software has been designed to meet the current and future back office needs of any staffing firm. Staffing concerns do not take vacations, and AkkenCloud™ works around the clock to organize back office functions. As applications enter your email inbox, they are organized into individual candidate profiles for permanent storage. Your recruiters and back office staff can access AkkenCloud™ at any time by accessing your integrated website.

Back Office Staffing Software and Efficient Recruiting

The ability to communicate between your central office and remote branches is an indicator of the success of a back office. Our staffing software has a number of functions to ensure clear communication between offices, clients, and applicants. The mass mailing function of our web-enabled email gives you the ability to send out a general message to your entire staff. Online calendars and reminders allow you to set deadlines for recruiters who are working on an important and timely project.

AkkenCloud™ also features simple archiving capability to keep records of all your back office correspondence. Our software tools for automatic communication file away emails, scanned documents, and resumes into an individual's profile. You can access emails and other files on a particular topic using the relational activity tracking tool. With AkkenCloud™, your back office staffing expectations are exceeded at any point in your agency's history.