Candidate Tracking Software

The modern staffing agency is no longer confined by geographical boundaries, but by the limits of technology. Your recruiting efforts can only expand if you have the proper hardware and software to help your recruiters get their work done. The tracking of candidate data throughout the recruitment process needs to take place in real time to reflect the quick pace of the recruiting industry.

Candidate Tracking Software

At Akken, we understand the constraints of time and resources your recruiting staff are faced with on a daily basis. Our AkkenCloud™ software provides candidate tracking functions that are quick and customizable to your company's needs. Many of our competitors promise to provide software that is compatible and comprehensive, but we actually deliver on that promise, all in one comprehensive, easy-to-use, and affordable software suite.

Reach Better Talent Through Candidate Tracking Software

Human resources professionals who use AkkenCloud™ can attest to the hours they save during the candidate tracking process. Our software parses resumes for relevant details which are placed in candidate profiles--profiles which can be managed on AkkenCloud™ within seconds of their creation. Your human resources professionals can track job postings in a variety of media while keeping an eye on recruiting trends in the marketplace. Your portfolio of clients can grow with the help of AkkenCloud™.

If your business only needs to use certain modules in tracking candidates, the software allows you to disable modules you are not utilizing. As your agency expands, you can reactivate these modules in minutes to meet new needs. Our security privilege system allows those authorized to view information, giving them online access to everything they need. Akken knows that the only bounds to your firm's success are technical, so we have made AkkenCloud™ completely native to the Web for access anywhere and anytime.

Marva McIntosh
I believe in this product. It's significantly changed the way I'm able to quickly accomplish so many things like marketing our services and focusing on the growth of our organization.