Custom Recruiting Software

Your purchase of a recruiting software suite demonstrates your interest in staying ahead of the competition over the long term. While product reviews and information on a recruiting software package build up expectations, your experience with a product will usually be different. The recruiting software sold by most providers offers you little in the way of custom options or adaptability to new challenges. At Akken, we offer you AkkenCloud™ recruiting software that is customizable and cost effective.

Custom Recruiting Software

Every step of the staffing process is made simpler with AkkenCloud™. You can send recruiters and interviewers out into the field for extended trips without worrying about their access to vital information. Our custom recruiting tools are entirely Web based, and your staff can access task lists, candidate records, and other data by using your website. You can ensure that your staff can use custom recruiting options with role-based privileges and passwords.

Integrate Custom Recruiting Software with Your Office Network

With hundreds of applications coming in for each vacant position, you can use the integrated tools of AkkenCloud™ to prepare for the interview process. Resumes can be parsed based on your custom settings to determine the qualifications of a candidate. Application materials can be extracted, placed in individual profiles, and accessed through a relational database on demand.

There are plenty of other features on AkkenCloud™ that can be tuned to your specific needs. Trend analysis tools can provide you with charts and spreadsheets of raw data on competing recruiters. Calendars can be updated to reflect weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals for each of your recruiters. The task of recruiting talented professionals can be accomplished at any point in your company's evolution with our custom recruiting software.

Amanda Bledsoe
That's the one thing that's been amazing to me, the customer service and rapid response to any question we have... I've had nothing but positive experiences with Akken.