Custom Staffing Software

The technology you use in your daily business should be simple to use, regardless of the IT acumen of the user. Your clients need to be able to access their profiles and sales figures with ease. Potential staff members need to communicate with your human resources department on a variety of technological platforms without working through complex interfaces. The custom staffing software we have developed at Akken helps meet all of these needs.

Custom Staffing Software

AkkenCloud™ is your answer to the inadequacies of the staffing software industry. Most companies impose a general suite of programs upon their customers, without considering the customers' future needs. AkkenCloud™ software can be molded to your recruiting and sales needs, both now and well into the future. Our module customization feature means you can expand or contract available functions to streamline departmental practices. Your employees can use custom dashboards to improve efficiency by quickly accessing frequently used functions.

Custom Staffing Software for Your Needs

Your staffing needs are met from beginning to end with AkkenCloud™. In the increasingly complex world of recruiting, it can be difficult to track the success of your recruiting efforts. Our custom software allows you to follow the volume of applications attributed to specific job listings. Trend analysis--so popular in the sales profession--can be mobilized to determine the financial efficacy of your recruiting advertisements.

Once your HR department gets the number of applications they need, AkkenCloud™ provides custom options for sorting through various materials. The resume parsing function allows your recruiters to filter resumes quickly, helping them to easily eliminate unqualified candidates. The automatic record setup function creates custom fields that are filled as applications enter the system. AkkenCloud™ is designed to ease the heavy burdens placed on your human resources department.

Dmitry Tsitselyuk
"Akken has a great system that's user-friendly, flexible, and contains everything you need to operate a staffing organization - and it's all at an unbeatable price."