Headhunting Software

The practice of headhunting, or aggressive recruiting of experienced personnel, is an integral part of the staffing world. Your recruiting company eventually reaches a plateau in terms of talent, and the stable of new recruits you have available are insufficient for your client's long-term goals. The necessity of headhunting new workers has been made easier by advances in technology, like telecommunications and staffing software. Your purchase of AkkenCloud™ sets you ahead of the competition in an instant.

Headhunting Software

At Akken, we appreciate that the global nature of the economy has not been met adequately by software companies. Headhunting software by competing companies requires repeated downloads or use within the office network. In contrast, our software developers have opened new opportunities for your recruiters to work worldwide. AkkenCloud™ is completely native to the Web, which means your HR staff can access email and personnel files from anywhere, at anytime.

Akken's Headhunting Software

Your headhunting efforts are not limited to your community when you use AkkenCloud™. Special tools for overseas recruiting and candidate tracking enable your search for the best talent in the world. Once you receive application materials from a targeted recruit, the automatic record setup tool fills in a standardized form with the information provided.

The headhunting experience with our software suite works to speed up the recruiting process. An interviewer can prepare for a meeting with a recruit in mere minutes by parsing a resume and reviewing correspondence tracked by AkkenCloud™. Online calendars, reminders, and benchmarks are updated the second that tasks are completed to keep your agency on the cutting edge.

Amanda Bledsoe
That's the one thing that's been amazing to me, the customer service and rapid response to any question we have... I've had nothing but positive experiences with Akken.