HRMS Applications

Your understanding of human resource management systems, or HRMS, is vital to the growth of your agency. These systems ensure that you recruit and retain the best personnel possible for your clients, while keeping track of payroll and benefits. Your day is filled with a number of other concerns, including problems that arise with clients and developing a dynamic personnel group that is committed to your vision.

HRMS Applications

At Akken, we know that your job is made much easier with the right HRMS applications. Our AkkenCloud™ is an investment in proper HRMS practices for the next generation of recruiters. Our software applications fit your HRMS needs throughout the life of your business. Once you add AkkenCloud™ to your computer system, you can access critical staffing information from anywhere in the world.

Akken and Top-Notch HRMS Applications

Your recruiters and human resources managers can use our completely web-native applications to work from home or in the field. A system-wide calendar means that your employees can post vacation days, recruiting trips, and other events of interest throughout your agency. The AkkenCloud™ applications integrate easily into your current system, because you can choose the functions you need at present.

Your international recruiting efforts can easily be tracked by our software. Overseas applications, correspondence, and job postings can be observed in real time to keep your agency ahead of the competition. Local and regional applications can also be maintained easily, with resumes and files extracted automatically by our customizable email filters. As your staffing firm rises to the top of the industry, AkkenCloud™ keeps your HR department running efficiently around the clock.

Amanda Bledsoe
That's the one thing that's been amazing to me, the customer service and rapid response to any question we have... I've had nothing but positive experiences with Akken.