HRMS Systems

The growth of your staffing agency depends largely on the personnel you hire to fill vital jobs. Your human resources department needs to be guided by accurate job descriptions, payrolls, and other information in their search for the best professionals. HR managers and recruiters can take detailed notes while working the phones, but they need reliable human resources management systems (HRMS) to get their job done.

HRMS Systems

At Akken, we know that the staffing software market has its limits when it comes to comprehensive HR management systems. Our AkkenCloud™ HRMS applications help fill the gap left by our competitors, with software that is simple to use and integrate with your current computer system. Our goal at Akken is to provide Software as a Service (SaaS), and AkkenCloud™ will help you provide better service to your clients. Our HR management systems can be accessed at any time, from anywhere in the world, with the help of an internet connection.

Online HRMS Systems

You can manage who has access to your HR management systems by providing security privileges to employees who need to access sensitive information. Every aspect of AkkenCloud™ has been developed to ensure that anyone in your firm can use it with minimal training. The functional modules of AkkenCloud™ will ease the burden on your HR professionals.

Our HRMS software features hiring management options to keep track of applications, candidate information, and job descriptions. Your recruiters can organize information by department, branch name, and other characteristics for reports or employee tracking. We have included a relational activity tracking program with AkkenCloud™ to let you find information in correspondence that is vital to creating an efficient HRMS.

Dmitry Tsitselyuk
"Akken has a great system that's user-friendly, flexible, and contains everything you need to operate a staffing organization - and it's all at an unbeatable price."