Integrated Staffing Software

Operating software that you use for your business requires regular updates to strengthen virus protection and streamline data storage. Your firm will add new software for individual employees as job responsibilities evolve over time. Instead of purchasing staffing software in pieces, you can create an integrated network with AkkenCloud™.

Integrated Staffing Software

At Akken, we have noted the lack of a single staffing software package on the market that meets all of your human resources needs. The web-native nature of our software allows access to your files and email through your website, anywhere in the world, at anytime. The intersection of files on AkkenCloud™ allows your recruiting managers to find staffing information using relational activity tracking.

Integrated Staffing Software Means More Flexibility

Our integrated staffing software allows your recruiting firm the flexibility to recruit new talent while organizing current employee data. AkkenCloud™ provides tools to track job posts and advertisements, in order to determine the efficiency of your recruiting efforts. As applicants submit resumes and application materials, information is automatically stored and distributed applicant data into standardized forms.

Once you place a new recruit, AkkenCloud™'s integrated software provides tools to track data. Your management staff can track employee credentials, licenses, and other qualifications using individual profiles. Our software includes self-directed functions, like electronic timecards and expense reports, to decrease paper waste and speed up the approval process. An integrated staffing system developed through AkkenCloud™ provides mobile recruiting tools for years to come.

Dmitry Tsitselyuk
"Akken has a great system that's user-friendly, flexible, and contains everything you need to operate a staffing organization - and it's all at an unbeatable price."