Considering a software make-over?

Traditionally, moving a company onto a new software solution was a costly, aggravating and drawn-out process. On top of that, high learning curves resulted in low user adoption rates and lost productivity. Thankfully, working with AkkenCloud™ is not traditional, we will help you every step of the way. And you will never have to upgrade or switch

If you're considering a move from your current software system (or from no software system) to AkkenCloud™, we are here to help. Our dedicated Customer Success Team has helped hundreds of companies successfully make the switch. Our straight-forward, best practices approach ensures a smooth transition from any software application. See below for our best practice implementation plan.

Best Practice Implementation Plan

Akken Implementation Plan

  • Switch to a better solution

    Is your current solution out-dated? Too costly? Are your employees less productive and disconnected due to multiple, separate software systems? AkkenCloud™'s fully-integrated, web-based platform ensures your company has the latest technology and your team is more productive, all at a cost 30%-50% lower than most other systems on the market. Whether your company is using a combination of Excel, Outlook and Quickbooks, or another Applicant Tracking or CRM system, we have the tools and team in place to make your transition to AkkenCloud™ an easy one.

  • A seamless transition

    Because of Akken's fully-integrated solution, it's up to you whether to move your company onto the entire platform from the start or gradually over time. AkkenCloud™ is flexible, scalable and allows you to use as much or as little as you want, with a growth path to a completely integrated system that fits your business needs.

  • The best time to switch is now

    So what are you waiting for? Request a Live Demo or call our team now at 866-590-6695 to get started.