Nurse Staffing Software

According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, hospitals with low nurse staffing levels are prone to have greater rates of poor patient outcomes such as cardiac arrest, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and shock. This makes the role of nurse staffing and recruiting firms vital to the success of hospitals across the nation. In order to best pair qualified nurses with healthcare facilities who desperately need their expertise, recruiting firms everywhere are moving toward the speed and efficiency of nurse staffing software to help them provide top-notch client service.

Nurse Staffing Software

With cutting-edge nurse staffing software, firms throughout the United States are able to automate the processes which help them to quickly and efficiently place qualified candidates. In the past, desktop applications were favored by leading staffing and recruiting firms. However, due to the widespread influence of the Internet, web-based software packages have surpassed archaic desktop systems.

Let AkkenCloud™ Be Your All-In-One Staffing and Recruiting Software

As the only software of its kind, AkkenCloud™ has emerged as the most affordable, completely integrated, and easy-to-use system for skyrocketing the profits of staffing and recruiting firms worldwide. Our on-demand, hassle free software allows your employees to access the same relational database no matter where they are in the world. AkkenCloud™ successfully improves your firm's communication and organization while providing maximum control and security of all your information.

Discover why medical recruiting firms across the nation are making AkkenCloud™ their nurse staffing software of choice. For more information about our all-in-one staffing and recruiting software, please contact the professionals of Akken at 866-690-6695 today!

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