Recruiting Agency Software

The importance of building a reputation as an agency with quality services cannot be overstated. The era of building a reputation through decades of experience and gradual growth has given way to an age where brand names are promoted in days using online resources. One of the most important investments your agency can make is purchasing cutting-edge recruiting software for your company. As a small business, your limited budget makes it imperative to purchase the right software the first time around.

Recruiting Agency Software

At Akken, we have observed the non-integrated approach of other software providers in their recruiting products. Our primary product is called AkkenCloud™, and it provides a completely Web-based service for your recruiting and business needs. Akken email, list management tools and customizable dashboards are only a few of the functions your employees can use from day one with our dynamic software.

Recruiting Agency Software for Accurate Placements

The main mission of a recruiting agency is to make accurate placements for every client in its portfolio. Our revolutionary applicant tracking tools will keep you informed of every new event your clients report in real time. Employee files are updated based on your custom settings, allowing your staff to focus on substantive tasks like finding new corporate clients. Correspondence from clients and candidates is funneled into appropriate electronic files, which are accessible using advanced search options.

Your experience with AkkenCloud™ recruiting agency software is based on your needs. You can use our software as a simple organizational tool for recruiting tasks or a full-service resource for every department in your agency. As an agency owner, you can activate or deactivate functional modules depending on your recruiting needs.

Amanda Bledsoe
That's the one thing that's been amazing to me, the customer service and rapid response to any question we have... I've had nothing but positive experiences with Akken.