We're Serious about the Security of Your Data

Security is no joke; it's critical for the success of any organization. We've put strong measures in place to ensure your information is secure at all times. That's why we partner with AT&T for co-location services in a Tier IV, SAS 70 Type II certified data center. Below are some facts about our commitment to the security of your information:

  1. Our servers are housed in the U.S. in a secure, Tier IV, SAS 70 Type II certified AT&T data center protected by biometric scanners and 24/7 guards. It's the highest level of security available.
  2. AkkenCloud™ uses 128 bit SSL encryption, the financial industry standard, to protect all communications with your browser.
  3. We use the latest and highest grade firewall protection, intrusion detection and proprietary security systems to protect your data.
  4. Each customer has its own independent database which is protected by unique ID and password combinations.
  5. Information always remains within the application and on our servers located in the United States. It never gets transferred to any other location for any reason.
  6. All servers run on proven industry standard Linux operating systems that provide high security, logging and auditing capabilities.
  7. We have automated incremental backups daily and full system backups taken every week.
  8. Only you and the persons you allow have access to your database.
  9. You will be logged out automatically in case you left your computer unattended for an extended period of time.

info Is Web-Based Software Secure?

Worried about the security of your data on the web? Here's some food for thought:

  • What if your computer gets a virus or spyware?
    Unfortunately, it's easy to download spyware or viruses onto your computer without knowing it. If this happens, other people can access private information residing on your computer or you could lose your data all together.
  • What if your laptop is stolen?
    Unlike desktop applications, your data isn't stored directly on your computer, so if your laptop is lost or stolen no one will be able access your data.
  • Do you exchange sensitive information between other computers?
    Web-based applications are more secure than transferring data on discs or through email because your company information remains only within the application. After all, you wouldn't want confidential information ending up in the wrong hands.

AkkenCloud™ Technology

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