Staffing Firm Software

As the valued employee of a successful and growing staffing firm, your opinion matters. You have a voice in the course charted by your firm as it meets new challenges and sets out to explore new frontiers. Both you and your company stand to benefit if you recommend that your firm automates its business processes with staffing software.

Staffing Firm Software

Whether you work in your company's staffing, accounting or human resources department, the right software can add ease and simplicity to your daily routine. Akken offers the industry's most advanced solution. With AkkenCloud™, all your company's information will be linked to a single database. Redundant data entry will be a thing of the past, lightening your workload and eliminating the more tedious aspects of your job responsibilities.

Staffing Firm Software That Benefits the Entire Company

If you work in your company's staffing department, our tools can help you make placements with the kind of speed that fosters success. Our client-tracking feature allows you to stay on top of client communications and job orders, using a single screen. Our trend analysis tool can help you pick up on breaking trends that can be useful as you market your candidates.

Those who work in human resources will benefit from tools like automated time sheet and expense claims management. If your area is accounting, Akken assists you with features like automated invoicing and payroll reporting. Let your supervisor know that the right software can help your department shine. Make a recommendation in support of AkkenCloud™ today.

Marva McIntosh
I believe in this product. It's significantly changed the way I'm able to quickly accomplish so many things like marketing our services and focusing on the growth of our organization.