Staffing Software Company

In today's fast-paced environment, new technologies are constantly being developed to improve the way businesses operate. In order to maintain a competitive edge, forward-thinking staffing and recruiting firms seek out a staffing software company to help them employ the industry's latest tools.

Staffing Software Company

When looking for a staffing software company it's important to choose an organization that provides affordable and up-to-date solutions to help you automate a broad range of business applications. Today's leading companies are adept at creating web-based solutions that are light years beyond more cumbersome desktop applications.

Let Akken Be Your All-In-One Staffing Software Company

Since 2006, Akken has been a leader in the staffing and recruiting industries providing software packages to help firms throughout the world make more placements, improve communications, track performance, and offer superior service. Our flagship product, AkkenCloud™, is an affordable, integrated, and completely customizable web-based system which enables staffing and recruiting firms to manage Email, CRM, Business Intelligence, Accounting and a host of other business applications within one easy-to-use database.

Discover how countless staffing and recruiting firms are redefining the way they do business and dramatically increasing their profits and revenues. For more information about our Staffing Software Company and the packages we offer, please contact the friendly experts of Akken at 866-590-6695 today!

Marva McIntosh
I believe in this product. It's significantly changed the way I'm able to quickly accomplish so many things like marketing our services and focusing on the growth of our organization.