Staffing Agency Software

Staffing agency software takes the guesswork out of placements. By automating and tracking the steps in the application, job posting, staffing and billing process, nothing falls through the cracks. Employers and candidates are matched quickly and efficiently.

Highly qualified candidates are in short supply, and you cannot afford to lose them to other agencies. Our web-based staffing agency software allows your team to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Our mobile app and mobile site are designed for 24/7 access to email, calendar, phone numbers, notes, activities, and more. Placing skilled candidates in the right jobs fosters long-term relationships with candidates and employers pleased with the quality of their work.



Having the information you need at your fingertips builds confidence in your staffing and sales teams, allowing them to focus on relationships instead of hunting for paperwork.


Distribute job simultaneously to multiple job boards and agency job sites, quickly identify and contact quality candidates, and facilitate interviews and onboarding.


Integrating staffing agency software into recruiting operations allows you to run business intelligence reports to make better business decisions.


Interview and onboard candidates, store resumes and credential documentation, and provide candidate portals for current and future assignments.


AkkenCloud’s comprehensive staffing agency software has a searchable database that quickly finds the information you need – from candidate data to sales reports.

AkkenCloud’s web-based staffing agency software is flexible, scalable and combines front office, back office and middle office solutions. Our staffing agency software streamlines recruitment activities, allowing recruiters to build better relationships with candidates. Our fully-integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) increases your efficiency and effectiveness by allowing you to:
  • Weed out unqualified candidates in seconds
  • Write better, more targeted job descriptions
  • Nurture potential applicants with regular status updates
  • Use match scores to provide objective measurements for hiring decisions
  • Automate social recruitment and communications
  • Improve employee retention by hiring better matches for positions
  • Track and use ATS data to improve the effectiveness of recruiting strategies
  • Incentivize temporary employees to refer friends and act as brand agents, which allows them to earn financial rewards for helping you

AkkenCloud’s staffing agency software also helps sales teams build better relationships with employers by optimizing your database and improving efficiency. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a complete suite of marketing, sales and support capabilities, along with the ability to monitor all activities, allowing you to:
  • Send out marketing e-campaigns and track responses
  • Maintain your client relationships and lists
  • Monitor your sales opportunities, leads, and pipeline
  • Enforce a standard business process
  • Improve client support and response times

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