Staffing Payroll Software

A staffing company is much like any other company--and also quite comparable to the human body. When it comes to choices regarding health and growth, the most effective route is a holistic one. It is undoubtedly tempting to focus your attention solely on your company's staffing functions, since these are the ones that generate revenue. However, you will find that the best results are achieved by taking a top-to-bottom look at your company's operations.

Staffing Payroll Software

An area to consider is your company's accounting operations. Akken offers software that uses automation to improve efficiencies within this department. Our payroll reporting feature saves you man-hours by automatically generating your company's gross payroll report. In addition to payroll management, other functions may be automated, including invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable and more.

Staffing Payroll Software That Trims Expenses

Redundancies can cost your company money. Whether it is payroll reporting or time sheet management, duplication of effort can waste valuable resources. With AkkenCloud™, you will have the software you need to minimize redundancies, freeing up your employees to focus on other tasks. For example, with our automated expense submission feature, your employees will have the ability to enter their expense claims online.

Security features are available to protect confidential data. You can assign varying levels of access to your employees, ensuring that certain data is available only to certain people. The right software can take your company to heights that you may not have imagined. Let AkkenCloud™ be your guide on this new adventure.

Marva McIntosh
I believe in this product. It's significantly changed the way I'm able to quickly accomplish so many things like marketing our services and focusing on the growth of our organization.