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Industrial Staffing Solution

AkkenCloud is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial staffing processes. It focuses on automating and streamlining key functions to save time, improve accuracy, and accelerate job filling and financial transactions. Either manufacturing, production, distribution, or any other sector, AkkenCloud Platform can be configured to automate all critical operational functions for success.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition.

The system aims to automate routine tasks for recruiters, effectively reducing their workload and freeing up their time. This automation of ‘busywork’ allows recruiters to focus more on strategic aspects of their role, improving productivity.

Accelerate Job Placement and Worker Onboarding.

The process of bringing new workers into the organization is made more efficient. By streamlining intake and onboarding, the system enables quicker filling of jobs, which is especially important in the fast-paced clerical and light industrial sectors.

Integrate and Streamline Time Management Processes.

The system unifies the processes of time capture, collection, and interpretation, making time management more efficient. This integration ensures accurate tracking of work hours, which is crucial for payroll and billing purposes.

Speed Up the Billing Cycle with Automated Invoicing.

By automating the invoicing process, the system ensures that invoices are generated and sent out promptly, which can lead to faster payments. This automation not only saves time but also improves cash flow management.

Ease and Optimize the Payroll Procedure.

The payroll process is simplified, streamlining pay procedures. This simplification reduces administrative burdens and enhances the accuracy and timeliness of payroll processing.

Enhance Clerical and Light Industrial Staffing with Data-Driven Insights.

The use of dashboards and business insights tools within the system provides valuable data-driven perspectives. This can lead to more informed decision-making and gaining efficiencies in clerical and light industrial staffing.

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