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Employee Self-Service Portal

Our Employee Self-Service portal (ESS) enables employees to login directly and update an assortment of information on their own time. Within AkkenCloud, you have full control over what your employees can access and edit when they login. Receive instant notification when any changes or requests are made by employees, and be rest assured that designated sensitive information by default is set to view only for employees.

Some of the features our ESS portal offers employees are:

Submit their timesheets and expenses

Employees can enter and submit their own timesheets. All submissions get automatically pushed through to the CSS for approval.

View their assignments

Employees can view all of their current/active assignments, as well as past/inactive assignments in one central location.

View all of their benefits

By default, designated, sensitive information is set to view only. Things like health benefits, vacation time, and tax deductions are restricted due to standard security precautions.

Request updates to their profile

Employees can request changes be made to their profile. For example, personal information, contact information, dependents, status, method of payment, and work schedules can all be updated in this portal.

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