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Customer Relationship Management

AkkenCloud’s Customer Relationship Management will be the heart of your recruiting and sales. Our (CRM) provides a complete suite of marketing, sales and support capabilities, along with the ability to monitor all activities from one central location.

For your recruiters:
  • Send out job order campaigns
  • Match candidates
  • Upload resumes
  • Set tasks, notes, and reminders
  • Create and manage call lists
  • Check on submission status
  • Submit candidates to clients
  • Set internal note notifications
  • Place candidates

For your sales teams:
  • Send out marketing e-campaigns and track responses
  • Maintain your client relations and lists
  • Monitor your sales opportunities, leads, and pipeline
  • Enforce a standard business process
  • Help sales improve their client support

Optimize your database and improve your efficiency

Our exclusive new configuration, customization, and integration capabilities make it easier for you to deploy the AkkenCloud solution. This helps to increase your customer and candidate base, while driving revenue for the organization. You can share information across your organization and implement consistent and automated processes with the integrated Sales and Support areas in the AkkenCloud CRM.

AkkenCloud's CRM helps your organization:
  • Build a well organized candidate and customer management system
  • Enforce the standard business process for Marketing, Sales and Support
  • Shorten the ramp up time for sales team for candidates
  • Manage multiple Job Openings/Job Orders
  • Increase hires for sales
  • Improve support for customers
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