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These eBooks are valuable resources for keeping you up-to-date with industry knowledge, understanding complex processes, and staying informed about best practices and innovations in the field of staffing and recruiting.

Make More Placements With the Right Staffing Solution

With nearly 16 million temporary and contract employees hired in America over the course of a year, the staffing and recruiting industry plays a vital role in today’s economy. While finding quality employees continues to be a top challenge, ensuring you have the appropriate tools to set yourself up for success is a critical component to not be overlooked. In this eBook, Make More Placements with the Right Staffing and Recruiting Solution, we share five key tips that will help guide your search.

The Most Important Staffing & Recruiting Trends

Are you prepared to tackle the five most important trends predicted to affect the industry? Download our eBook: The Most Important Staffing & Recruiting, to help your team stay ahead of the curve, and harness today’s technology to drive business growth, and your company’s success. In this eBook, we explore how to make these trends work for you!

Millennials & Staffing: Attracting & Retaining the New Workforce

Millennials make up roughly 40% of the unemployed in the U.S. today. How do you, a staffing and recruiting PRO, harness that? Understanding how to attract and retain the new Millennial workforce is the first step, but outlining and committing to an action plan ensures your success! In this eBook, Millennials and Staffing: Attracting and Retaining the New Workforce, we break it all down for you, including a recruiting plan checklist to get you started in the right direction!

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