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Why Choose AkkenCloud?

AkkenCloud is your ultimate staffing technology solution, all in one place. Our single staffing platform offers transparency at a competitive price. With an open-source API at its core, our technology seamlessly integrates with any industry workflow, providing the flexibility and scalability needed to support continuous business growth. With decades of staffing industry expertise, we are committed to elevating automation and reshaping staffing technology.

The Last Staffing Platform You'll Ever Need

At AkkenCloud, we bring every aspect of the staffing workflow to your fingertips. Our unified platform connects front office, middle office, back office, and payroll seamlessly. No more juggling multiple technologies or dealing with constant change management. Save money, reduce stress, and eliminate productivity bottlenecks with a single investment that delivers countless returns.

A Culture of Customer Care

We believe in customer-centricity at our core. From in-depth discovery to dedicated implementation support and real-time responses to inquiries or issues, our team is here for you. We listen to your needs, address platform tweaks, and adapt to your evolving goals. Every enhancement, upgrade, or improvement is made with our customers in mind.

Adaptable Technology for All Workflows

AkkenCloud is highly customizable, with role-based dashboards, exceptional categorization, and tagging capabilities. Our open API seamlessly integrates with custom in-house or third-party services. We empower you to mine internal candidates effectively and conduct in-depth business reviews to uncover unique workflow requirements. Our flexible end-to-end platform meets you where you are and lays the foundation for future growth.

Streamlined Candidate Management

Candidate communication and sourcing are paramount. AkkenCloud simplifies candidate connections with the intuitive Ultigigs app, SEO-optimized career portal, and frictionless hiring process through Indeed Quick Apply. Our system integration makes it easier for you to access your candidate pool, driving superior staffing results.

Informed Decisions with Accurate Insights

AkkenCloud ensures data accuracy for informed decision-making. We provide a complete view of real data from every facet of operations with one core platform and a single source code. Gain ultimate visibility into your business’s health and remain agile in the face of changing market conditions.

Choose AkkenCloud and experience the future of staffing technology today. Request a Live Demo.

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