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One integrated Front-Office, Middle-Office, Back-Office.

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Place more candidates faster and increase revenue. Automate billing, payroll, and drive efficiency. Revolutionize your business to boost profitability.


Maximize Your Staffing Success with our Front Office Staffing Software

Propel your staffing agency to new heights with our pioneering front office solution, combining a powerful Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Our unique, all-encompassing software is designed to accelerate your candidate placement process and drive revenue growth. Experience the edge in efficiency and seize the opportunity to outpace your competition.


Streamline Your Business Processes with Our Middle Office Staffing Software

Maximizing your staffing and recruiting efficiency is paramount to staying competitive. With our cutting-edge middle office software, you can simplify new employee onboarding and digitize the entire process. Our integrated Human Resource Management (HRM) tools allow you to optimize your business processes, saving time and reducing the potential for errors. Experience seamless onboarding and superior process management with our comprehensive solution.


Boost Efficiency with Our Back Office Staffing Software

Your staffing and recruiting business needs strong, reliable administration. With our advanced back office software, you’ll gain automation capabilities for timesheet and expense gathering, rule-based calculations for weighted overtime, and swift invoice generation for timely billing. Furthermore, our software ensures accurate payroll processing. Improve your back office operations and drive efficiency across your business with our powerful solution.


Mobilize Your Staffing Operations with Our App

Our staffing software’s mobile application provides full access to crucial records on the go, such as contacts, companies, candidates, job orders, opportunities, submissions, and shortlists. You can perform quick searches and stay updated with recent activities, preparing you for any meeting anywhere. Adding or updating records and activities is a breeze, ensuring seamless follow-ups and uninterrupted productivity, wherever you may be.


Temp Staffing Simplified with ultigigs Mobile Application

ultigigs is an on-demand job platform designed to streamline staffing for temp workers in the field. But it’s more than just an app; it’s a dynamic network that rewards users for connecting job seekers and opportunities. With real-time information on active and available shifts, and the ability to share your availability at the tap of a button, managing temp work has never been easier. Experience enhanced features like job referrals, biometric login, and geo-fencing that collectively contribute to a seamless and efficient work experience for your temps.



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