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HealthCare Staffing Solution

If you are playing a vital role in supplying medical and healthcare professionals to various institutions, that typically consists of several critical operational sections or departments, AkkenCloud can be configured to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your staffing process.

Create an Amazing Provider Experience

Ensure healthcare providers have a seamless and positive experience from onboarding to placement. Offer personalized support, streamline communication channels, and provide a user-friendly portal for job searches and application processes.

Build Stronger Client Relationships

Foster long-term, trusting relationships with healthcare facilities.
Execute regular communication, understand client needs, provide quality staff, and offer customized staffing solutions.

Deliver an Exceptional Mobile Experience

Provide a mobile platform that is efficient, accessible, and user-friendly. Deploy a mobile app with intuitive navigation, real-time job notifications, easy application processes, and interactive features for providers on the go.

Find Best-Fit Healthcare Providers Quickly

Efficiently match the right providers with the right job opportunities. Use advanced matching algorithms and thorough vetting processes to ensure quick and appropriate placements.

Manage Shift Scheduling at Scale

Efficiently manage and allocate shifts for a large number of providers across various clients. Use advanced scheduling that can handle complex shift patterns and large-scale staffing requirements.

Increase Redeployment of Your Best Providers

Maximize the re-engagement of top-performing healthcare providers. Track performance metrics, maintain a preference profile for each provider, and prioritize them for future opportunities.

VMS Integration and Automate VMS Job Orders

Streamline the job order process through effective Vendor Management System integration. Automatically sync job orders from VMS to the staffing database, reducing manual entry and speeding up response time.

Drive Compliance with Unified Credentialing

Ensure all healthcare providers meet necessary credentialing standards. Utilize a unified credentialing system to track and manage provider qualifications, certifications, and compliance documents.

Expedite Credentialing for Healthcare Providers

Speed up the credentialing process without compromising on thoroughness or compliance. Employ automated credential verification tools and maintain a dedicated team for quick processing.

Manage Time & Pay Efficiently

Ensure timely and accurate payroll processing for healthcare providers. Efficiently track time and payroll, with easy submission of timesheets and prompt payment processing.

Insights that Drive Profitability and Growth

Use data-driven insights for strategic decision-making. Analyze staffing trends, client feedback, and financial data to inform business strategies. Use analytical insights to enhance profitability and business growth.

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