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Are you interested in reducing your sourcing costs by 75%?

Employee referrals are the #1 source of good quality hires. However, sales team members only ask for referrals 10% of the time, resulting in companies relying on traditional recruiting methods to find, hire, and retain talent. At a time when improving profitability is a top focus for staffing agencies, it is estimated that traditional hiring and sourcing costs range from $4,285 to $18,000 per new hire. Imagine how much more profitable your business could be if those costs were reduced to under $1,000. Do we have your attention yet?


Introducing: Inbound Referral Management

The staffing and recruiting industry's first application built to empower your temporary employees to become motivated brand agents for your agency. All within the AkkenCloud employee experience, your agency can digitally transform your candidate search process, and harness the power of your temporary employees networks. Let us break down the benefits for you:
Alert your employees of new job openings

Alert active and inactive employees of new job openings, making them members of your recruiting team each time they login to submit their time and expenses.

Strengthen your brand and value proposition

Have your temporary employees communicate your agency and client value proposition for you.

Encourage and facilitate social sharing

Let your temporary employees easily share your job openings with their networks, and do it within seconds.

incentivize temps with pre-determined rewards

Reward your temporary employees for their new employee referrals with pre-determined rewards or financial incentives.

Track the status of all newly referred candidates

Track all new candidates that your employees referred, throughout all stages of the hiring process.

Reduce your sourcing costs by 75%

Harness the power of your temporary employees and empower them (and incentives them) to work for you!

What does this mean for you, and your agency?

For your staffing and recruiting agency:

Your staffing and recruiting agency will experience faster time-to-fill rates, higher retention rates, increased productivity, and immediately gain a competitive advantage when your new, fresh talent starts flowing into your talent pool.

For your employees and your clients:

Your employees can monitor the progress of their referrals and make more money. Your clients will reap the benefits creating loyal and long term employee relationships.

For your recruiters and your marketing team:

Your recruiters will earn higher commissions while working less. Your marketing team will have more money to spend elsewhere. Everyone in your talent ecosystem wins.

Learn how to gain a competitive advantage by empowering your talent networks with AkkenCloud’s Inbound Referral Management!