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Professional Staffing Solution

If you are playing a crucial role in connecting specialized professionals with the right job opportunities, while helping organizations find the talent, they need to fill critical roles and drive their business forward, AkkenCloud can be configured to automate to find and manage the skilled professional for various professional industries including technical and managerial.

Advanced Applicant Tracking System to Elevate Recruiter Efficiency.

This feature provides recruiters with powerful tools designed to boost productivity. The system streamlines tracking and managing applicants, making the recruitment process more efficient.

Efficient Candidate Matching with Reduced Dependence on Job Boards.

The system enables recruiters to find suitable candidates rapidly, reducing the reliance on job boards. This feature focuses on optimizing the candidate search to ensure a quick and more precise match.

Simplified Process for Onboarding New Hires.

The onboarding process for new hires is simplified, ensuring a smooth transition into the organization. This system feature helps in efficiently managing the administrative tasks associated with new employees.

Seamless Integration with Vendor Management Systems and Job Order Automation.

Integration with Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and automation of VMS job orders are key aspects. This facilitates seamless management of vendor-supplied staffing and automates job order processing.

Business Enhancement Through Advanced Automation.

The emphasis on automation within the system aims to transform various aspects of the business, making processes more efficient and reducing manual efforts.

Customized Reporting for Strategic Business Insights and Growth.

The system includes ad hoc reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights to drive profits and growth. These analytics and reporting tools help in making data-driven decisions for the staffing business.

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