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Paperless Onboarding

Paperless onboarding gives AkkenCloud users the ability to automate and capture important documents electronically throughout the entire hiring process. Whether you need to capture specific forms in order to qualify candidates for employment, or if you just need to capture more sensitive HR documents after you place candidates on jobs, the paperless onboarding suite, comprised of applicant onboarding (AOB) and employee onboarding (EOB,) is built to suit your specific needs.

The business benefits of paperless onboarding include:
Electronically capture and store all paperwork
Create and send custom forms as needed
Reduce the need for manual data entry
Reduce the number of manual steps
Receive up to the minute notifications
Keep all sensitive information secure
Auto populate designated tax fields with EOB
Save Time by streamling the entire process
Applicant Onboarding

Applicant OnBording (AOB) gives you the ability to have custom forms completed by applicants along with the job application. The AOB functionality is just a sequence of forms the candidates need to fill out in order to be considered for employment.

Do you have specific forms you require all new applicants to fill out during the initial application process? Drug screening or background check authorization forms, memorandums, employee disclosure agreements, per diem certificates or ANY other client specific forms can be captured with AkkenCloud’s AOB.

Employee Onboarding

Within EOB, capture sensitive and personal HR data for all of your employees. When in EOB you can view the entire process of documents being sent, voided, signed, completed etc.

Integrated with docusign, AkkenCloud’s EOB enables you to track each individual step related to the documents.

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