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Web-Based CRM

Every staffing and recruiting firm worth its weight knows the value of creating a loyal customer base. There are three essential elements which make this possible: people, process, and technology. The people in the organization, from the CEO on down, must embrace a customer-centric philosophy while processes are continually developed and perfected to better serve the customer. However, without the right technology, the other two elements can be handicapped. This is where intuitive staffing CRM software enters the picture.


The difference a web-based CRM makes:

Good vs. Great Recruiting Agency

The main distinction between a good recruiting agency and a great recruiting agency is customer relationship management, or CRM. In terms of excellence in CRM, you need to encourage a mixture of sound customer service practices and updated staffing software. The enthusiasm and knowledge of your CRM professionals can be enhanced with the right technology. At AkkenCloud, we know that our solution is right for any staffing company.

Web-Based and Ready To Go

The confidence we have in our program comes from its originality. Traditional software providers send you a set of discs and cumbersome instructions on how to use their software. AkkenCloud is a completely web-based suite of tools that is connected to your office through your website. Our unique CRM tools can be adjusted to fit your needs, with each tool customizable by your employees through online dashboards.

Reduce Your Time Limitations

The limits of your recruiting staff’s time make our self-service tools a vital part of your company’s growth. Instead of filling out paperwork for time cards and benefits information, your CRM staff can use online forms through AkkenCloud. The submission of electronic time cards allows your small business to accomplish more, because you can audit important documents instead of performing needless data entry.

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