Cloud Staffing Software

Whether you and your employees are at the office, at home or on the road, AkkenCloud gives you complete access to your company information – anywhere, anytime. The ability to access the same information in real time from anywhere in the world improves communication and organization while providing maximum control and security.

Cloud based solutions save you money

No one likes paying for software maintenance, upgrades, or expensive servers. With AkkenCloud’s web-based solution, you don’t have to. Cloud applications can cost less than installed software simply because there is no hardware and no separate licenses to purchase, no servers to maintain, and no IT staff required to manage it. With SaaS, you receive automatic updates, eliminating upgrade expenses and system downtime. Leading technology research firms estimate that two-thirds of IT time and budgets are spent maintaining infrastructure and updates. SaaS cuts those costs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Unmatched return on investment

AkkenCloud integrates applicant tracking, customer relationship management, human resource management, reporting, email, and more, eliminating large upfront investment for multiple software applications and implementation time which can take months to install. AkkenCloud gets you up and running in as little as a day so your company can start putting more people to work quickly.

Gain immediate access to the latest innovations

SaaS solutions provide instant upgrades, ensuring all your employees have the latest technology innovations. Even if you decide to update your operating system, you won’t have to worry about experiencing down-time or losing valuable information with web-based software. Because upgrades are more frequent, you can use new features with little to no training. This creates an environment for enhanced performance and productivity that helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Gain complete visibility into your entire organization

We believe your workflow should be seamless and minor tasks shouldn’t be time-consuming, but commonly with on-premise software, information kept in multiple applications is difficult to find and keep current. This causes information clutter, lost or inaccurate data, and adds more manual work. AkkenCloud’s web-based user interface is consistent across all business functions, is easy to use, and gives you access to information quickly from one centralized system. You can track all your business relationships and activities from one screen, giving you complete visibility of your entire organization.

Highest grade of security and data protection

Worried about the security of your data on the web? You may be surprised to find that SaaS solutions provide a higher level security compared to on-premise systems. See AkkenCloud’s Security & Data Protection for a comparison.

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