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Commissions Management

Easily track your commission structures from the simple to complex. Track simple, straight commission via managed roles. For more complex tiered commissions, AkkenCloud enables you to quickly calculate the commissions, verify results, and distribute this information to executives, recruiters, and management.

Run reports on your commissions painlessly and efficiently at the recruiter or management level. Depending on your commission, we have several reports that can accommodate your needs.

Front office user benefits:
  • Help your salespeople have real-time access to commissions so they can meet their personal financial goals and hit their sales goals
  • Allow sales managers to better manage their teams, identify top performers, establish who needs further support, and discover any potential at-risk team members
  • Align all sales people, sales managers, compensation managers, and others in real-time
  • Divide commissions between roles since multiple roles can get credit on a commission
  • Multiple roles can get credit on a commission

Back office user benefits:
  • Personally deliver regular commission reports to the front office teams without the hassle of running regular commission reports
  • Receive and manage commissions on a job order via invoice information
  • Set burdens to match your business needs
  • No limitation to defining roles you manage commissions for
  • Ability to have Multiple HR managers work on onboarding an employee

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