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With decades of experience centered specifically on staffing, AkkenCloud brings a depth of knowledge and understanding to its platform. This experience is instrumental in designing a system that genuinely addresses the unique challenges and needs of the staffing industry.

Our Mission

Redefine Staffing Simplicity. One of the key objectives of AkkenCloud is to revolutionize staffing technology by enhancing automation. This not only streamlines operations but also shatters conventional approaches, leading to more efficient and effective staffing processes.

Work in one platform. Succeed in one platform.

If staffing technology doesn’t work across your organization, it doesn’t work for your organization. AkkenCloud simplifies every facet of your staffing workflow, providing a single core platform that seamlessly connects business functions—accelerating productivity, reducing complexity, amplifying cost savings, and transforming a resource drain into a growth driver.

A single source of business truth.

Tired of business-critical data being housed in seemingly endless locations? Struggling to make operational decisions based on incomplete information? The more technologies it takes to create a manageable workflow, the less manageable it becomes to measure business outcomes. AkkenCloud provides a 360-degree connected view of all your data all in one place, for a 180-degree difference in the quality of your analytics and the capability of your reporting. Data-based insights fuel more informed, educated business decisions, making it easier to grow, scale, and stand out from the competition.

Candidate database turned competitive differentiator.

Time is money. It’s also a lost opportunity, at additional costs. AkkenCloud lets you reap better returns on the investment you’ve already made by making it easy to find and sort the talent that exists within your own database. No more vying for the same candidates as your competition. No more losing out on placements because using your system is like playing a game of hide and seek. Find talent faster, do what you do better.

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