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AkkuOffice for Staffing and Recruiting

The ability to collaborate internally and with customers and clients, all from one location is key to keeping your staffing and recruiting business processes efficient. AkkuOffice, combined with an in house document manager make your database even more powerful. Remaining organized and on-task has never been so simple. Never forget a follow-up with clients or candidates again. Using AkkenCloud’s suite of AkkuOffice tools such as email, calendar, task manager and reminders, keep your business running smoothly.

Key features of AkkuOffice include:


Using our exclusive “Auto Capture” and “CaptureMe” features you can easily import job orders and timesheets, parse resumes, and more, all directly within your email. Through our web-based platform, our AkkenOnTheGo app, or our AkkenCloud.Mobi mobile site, you can read and respond to email anywhere, anytime. Whether you are on a desktop or mobile, every email can be associated with a candidate or client profile. And, our deep dive search capability saves you time by finding the information you need, quickly.


View your calendar in one global view, and access each of your team members calendars through a single drop down selection feature. Find out who is available and when, enabling you to quickly and easily send out interview requests, meeting invites, and more. Our system also allows you to set meetings and requests right from within any of your client’s or candidate’s profiles, keeping all communications in one place.

Task Manager & Reminders

Eliminate the need for written lists, sticky notes and separate applications to remind you of your to-dos. Manage your daily schedule with our task management tools, set automatic reminders to notify you of time critical tasks, and create in-calendar events to keep you on track and working efficiently.

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