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Social Media Recruiting

The staffing and recruiting industry is fast, competitive, and highly interactive. It’s no surprise that social media recruiting has become THE most influential way to recruit and interact with candidates on a large scale.

With such a heavy importance, it is critical to stay on top of all facets of this continuously changing trend, but to do so in a thoughtful and respectful way.

Inbound Talent Marketing

With inbound talent marketing (ITM) improve your brand awareness, get found by potential prospects via search engines, convert site visitors into leads, and better engage and nurture the right prospects.

Features like our OneClickSocialPost enable you to post jobs to all of your social media networks, quickly and easily. With a list of 289 social sites accessible to post to right from within the AkkenCloud platform, save your entire team large amounts of time and effort.

Want the latest scoop on social media recruiting trends?

Not up to date on all the latest trends for each of the major social networks? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our blog is filled with posts focused on social media topics like creating social media screening policies for your company, the breakdown of creating successful profile pages, how to further optimize your efforts on various platforms, and even how to specifically use social media to recruit the millennial generation.

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