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Inbound Talent Marketing

AkkenCloud’s Inbound Talent Marketing allows users and agencies to improve brand awareness, leverage social media to reach the target audience, and convert site visitors into leads. This visibility will lead to increased discoverability by potential prospects via search engines. Use YOUR own website, job posts, and content to turn visitors into leads and generate more revenue than ever.

AkkenCloud's inbound talent marketing consists of many different features:
Agency Job Board

This is your company’s interactive job board, which is mobile optimized. Why pay everyone else to post on their job boards when you can bring candidates to your own?

Hot Jobs Widget

Once a new job is posted on your job board, you can then label it a Hot Job. This job, including title, location and description, will be featured on your company’s homepage for increased visibility.

Online applications and custom forms

Within AkkenCloud you can allow your applicants to easily apply online with our short or long form applications. These applications feed directly into your AkkenCloud database and alert you of all recent submissions.

Talent pool management

A prospect’s information gets stored under the talent pool management within AkkenCloud as soon as he or she fills out the job alert form.

Automatic Aggregator Feeds

Job posts are automatically pushed to Indeed, Simply Hired and Glassdoor with AkkenCloud. You also have the ability to push jobs to your RSS feed.

Job Search widget

Place a search widget directly on your own job board, allowing candidates to find relevant jobs by searching for specific keywords, job titles, skills, or locations.


Encourage your recruiters to leverage their own networks. With OneClickSocialPost, jobs can be posted to personal social media networks (of 289 listed sites)! Ensure your recruiters are getting the credit for the candidates they bring in.

Search engine optimization

Your job’s detail pages live within your own sub domain, benefiting your SEO.

Job alerts widget

This feature is displayed on your own job board page. It allows candidates to fill out a job alert form and sign up for specific alerts, informing them of relevant jobs openings.

Job Search filters

Place search filters directly on your own job board, allowing prospects to find their targeted jobs quickly and easily. Give your prospective candidates the option to sort by job type, job category, or job industry.

Email marketing

Send out email blasts to your entire database or specific CRM groups with targeted information. Sending out job notices to a candidate or groups of candidates about specific or recent jobs has never been easier.

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