What Is Temporary Staffing Software?

The staffing industry is competitive, and a successful temp agency requires its workers to thrive in a complex environment that changes quickly and often. Using temporary staffing software allows agency recruiters to manage vast datasets of rapidly changing information, enabling them to place the most qualified candidates in the right positions quickly, then monitor the employees they place.

Successful staffing agencies need to:

Actively manage and continually
update candidate databases

Discover and manage client
needs and expectations

Efficiently obtain and organize
necessary paperwork

Regularly engage and onboard
high-quality job candidates

Deliver what the back office needs to
invoice clients and efficiently run payroll

It’s a lot to handle for agencies big and small, which is why staffing software plays a vital role in giving staffing agencies a competitive advantage. Today’s temp staffing software must manage an agency’s workflow effectively from onboarding new job candidates to searching candidate databases, organizing paperwork, and even scheduling employees on behalf of clients. This type of software must be robust, flexible, and built for ease of use.

While building relationships will always be at the heart of a great temp agency, temp staffing agency software will optimize an agency’s business processes to make them simpler, better organized, and more efficient.

How Does Temporary Staffing Software Work?

Each type of software options, including AkkenCloud’s temp staffing software, are designed as full-agency solutions. This means assisting with nearly every aspect of the agency’s day-to-day business operations, from sales to marketing, human resources, and accounting.

Today, temporary staffing software should seamlessly connect an agency’s front and back office teams so that the business operations can easily be managed and tracked. What does this actually mean?

The best temp staffing software solutions give agencies the ability to:

Search your candidate
database efficiently, using
different variables, including
candidate location,
credentials, and skills
Track job orders and submit
candidates for consideration

Quickly identify and contact
quality job candidates
Track and manage placed
employees on assignment

Interview and onboard
Control shifts for placed

Save and organize required
documentation in a
searchable database
Manage invoicing and payroll

These software solutions can integrate with your marketing and sales campaigns for better tracking. They also offer both your candidates and your clients unique portals where they can review, update, and manage their information, as well as submit their time and expenses from both desktops and mobile devices.

The Benefits of Temporary Staffing Software

Imagine that you’re a staffing agency with 500 unique clients and a database of 200,000 job candidates. At any given time, your clients may have an immediate need to fill dozens or perhaps even hundreds of open positions, with great candidates. Trying to review every job candidate’s credentials and keep track of their paperwork with a physical file system, an antiquated desktop software, or a complicated spreadsheet would be nearly impossible.

Likewise, it would be easy to feel overwhelmed if you tried to track the 400-plus temporary employees that are actively working. You need to know how many hours they work, what hourly wage the client is paying, your gross margin targets, and your commission in order to ensure everyone, including your agency, can be billed and paid properly.

A temp staffing software solution helps you manage, organize, and find critical information when you need it. Some of the benefits of temp staffing agency software are that it allows you to:

Find more job candidates without paying high sourcing costs

Search your job candidate database visually, without theneed for Boolean logic

Place job candidates more quickly

Have resumes and certification documentation ready to go when you receive a new job opening

Track contracts, invoices, payments, and commissions

These capabilities save you time, increase the speed from job candidate onboarding to placement, and allow you to provide better customer service to your clients.

The more successful placements you make, the faster your agency will realize its potential and growth targets. And, most importantly, the happier your clients and temporary employees will be. Happy clients, and satisfied temporary employees, are more likely to be loyal to your agency.

Temporary staffing agency software also allows you to easily pull reports so that you can monitor the progress of your company. It can answer questions like:

Do you have enough job candidates in your pipeline?

How quickly do you fill a position, on average?

How much did you earn from each client?

Which client contracts are up for renewal next month?

Do you have background checks and credentials verified for job candidates who need them?

How to Select the Best Temporary Staffing Software for Your Needs

The temp staffing software you choose for your company will affect almost every aspect of your company’s operations, including both the front and back office. This is a big decision and will be a considerable investment for your company.

Look closely at the functionality and capabilities of the temp agency software as you compare options. Remember, however, that it’s just as important to consider which software makes it easiest to help your business grow and streamline business operations. Make sure the software solution you choose is easy to understand and intuitive to use, even for those who might not be the most computer savvy.

With that in mind, temp staffing agency software should include these key features:

  • Strong candidate database organization
    and intuitive search features
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Customer relationship management
  • Search engine-friendly job boards
  • Inbound marketing capabilities
  • Paperless applicant and employee onboarding
  • Sales force automation
  • Candidate research and marketing

  • Job tracking and application submission
  • Video interview capabilities
  • Payroll management and tracking
  • Candidate management dashboard
  • Client management dashboard
  • Human resources management
  • APIs that really work, making it easy to
    integrate with other providers

Another important factor to consider when making your software purchase decision is the quality of the software provider. This company will be your partner and will work closely with you as you integrate the software into your agency and train your staff on how to use it. Make sure the software provider truly understands your agency and your needs so they can complement and support the way your agency already works. Ensure that the company is truly your partner and is committed to a successful transition. Otherwise you’ll have invested a lot of time, money, and energy into a fancy system that no one in your agency can use.

Your software provider should be:

Fully aware of the way your
business works and your
Dedicated and patient when
training your staff

Willing to optimize the
software to support your
Around for the long haul,
ready to help you and ensure
that your team is utilizing the
software effectively

Enthusiastic and passionate
about implementing the
Supportive of the industry
and proud to serve it

The attitude and passion of the software provider can play a large role in whether the software implementation is a success or a failure. When making your purchase decision, remember that you are assessing the provider as much as the software itself.

Why Choose AkkenCloud As Your Temporary Staffing Software Provider

You have a lot of choices when it comes to temp staffing software, but AkkenCloud truly provides you with the most robust enterprise grade, business option for your staffing agency. We specifically designed our software to be intuitive for all of your employees. It also helps make every step in the candidate cultivation and placement process as easy, clear, and as efficient as possible.

Our system makes it simple to:

Find great job candidates

Interview and onboard candidates

Upload and store resumes and credential documentation

Filter and search your database

Keep on top of job openings and submit qualifying candidates

Track temps on assignments

Pay employees and commissions

Manage your client relationships

Track and evaluate your marketing

Empower your temporary staff to generate referrals for your recruiters

Most importantly, AkkenCloud is committed to your success and to streamlining your business operations. Our team understands the staffing industry, and we’re ready to partner with you. That means developing an intimate knowledge of your business and your goals, and helping you achieve them.

This is an outstanding product with many different functions that will assist any Staffing company with candidate flow and information. It’s also a GREAT tool to enable a business owner in what recruiters are doing and what they have done. A must-have to ensure productivity.

Rondia Moss
Ethical Personnel

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