Temp Agency Software

Temp agency software is necessary for agency staff to thrive in an ever-changing environment. Using temp agency software allows agency recruiters to manage vast datasets, enabling them to place the most qualified candidates in the right positions quickly, and monitoring the employees they place.

AkkenCloud is committed to your success and streamlining your business operations with our temp agency software. Our temp agency software allows you to:

  • Actively manage and continually update candidate databases
  • Discover and manage client needs and expectations
  • Efficiently obtain and organize necessary paperwork
  • Regularly engage and onboard high-quality job candidates
  • Deliver what the back office needs to invoice clients and efficiently run payroll

Our temp agency software solutions can integrate with your marketing and sales campaigns for better tracking. Our web-based software also offer your clients and candidates unique portals where they can review, update, and manage their information, as well as submit their time and expenses from both desktops and mobile devices.


Imagine that you’re a staffing agency with 500 unique clients and a database of 200,000 job candidates. At any given time, your clients may have an immediate need to fill dozens or perhaps even hundreds of open positions, with great candidates. AkkenCloud’s temp agency software lets you:


Simultaneously distribute job postings to job boards and social media, search your job candidate database visually, and contact qualified candidates.


Easily track job openings, candidates, assignments, contracts, invoices, payments, commissions, and more.


The more successful placements you make, the happier your clients and temporary employees are, which leads to agency loyalty.


Keep in touch with employers and candidates to ensure placements are a good fit, new opportunities are uncovered and filled, and work orders are profitable.

AkkenCloud’s temp agency software allows you to easily pull reports to monitor the progress of your company. It can answer questions like:
  • Do you have enough job candidates in your pipeline?
  • How quickly do you fill a position, on average?
  • How much did you earn from each client?
  • Which client contracts are up for renewal next month?
  • Do you have background checks and credentials verified for job candidates who need them?

AkkenCloud’s temp agency software has:
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Customer relationship management
  • Search engine-friendly job boards
  • Inbound marketing capabilities
  • Paperless applicant and employee onboarding
  • Sales force automation
  • Candidate research and marketing
  • Job tracking and application submission
  • Video interview capabilities
  • Payroll management and tracking
  • Candidate management dashboard
  • Client management dashboard
  • Human resources management
  • APIs that really work, making it easy to integrate with other providers

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