When it comes to running a staffing or recruiting business, one of the most important tools you'll have is an intuitive staffing software system. While many of these tools are available as desktop applications, today's most advanced software packages are produced in a web-based format. This makes for a much lighter software system that can be accessed by your entire organization anywhere and at any time.

In order to help staffing and recruiting firms get a real feel for a product, some companies offer a live demonstration. Small to mid-sized firms who want to keep their costs low find this useful as they can see whether a program will increase their profits and productivity before they commit to a purchase.

Staffing Software Demo

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Akken is proud to offer you live demo of AkkenCloud™, the only integrated software system of its kind that enables your employees to make more placements, measure performance in real-time, respond to clients and candidates more quickly, and improve overall client service. With AkkenCloud™ firms around the world enjoy an all-in-one software system which combines CRM, Accounting, Email, Business Intelligence, and Human Resources Management in one relational database.

Sign up for our demo today and discover the power of AkkenCloud™ to boost your profits and productivity. For more information about our free staffing software, contact the experts of Akken at 866-590-6695.

Dmitry Tsitselyuk
"Akken has a great system that's user-friendly, flexible, and contains everything you need to operate a staffing organization - and it's all at an unbeatable price."