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The Most Important Staffing & Recruiting Trends

The staffing and recruiting industry has changed dramatically in just a few short years, and it’s forecasted to continue its advancement in 2016. Mobile recruiting, social media, inbound marketing, improved search capabilities, and big data are all revolutionizing the industry, making it crucial for all members of our industry to keep up, adapt to these changes, and keep clients happy throughout the process.

Are you prepared to tackle the five most important trends predicted to affect the industry in 2016? Download our eBook: The Most Important Staffing & Recruiting, to help your team stay ahead of the curve, and harness today’s technology to drive business growth, and your company’s success.

In this eBook, we explore how to make these trends work for you:


Discover what information candidates are checking out on mobile devices, and apply that to ways you can cater to their interests. Learn the best practices for each of the major social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Review key tips and tricks on growing your audience and boosting your online presence through inbound marketing. Better understand the transition of search in the industry, where to find unique candidates, how to capture them and the importance big data has on building your own searchable database.

Also, hear insight from some of the industry’s most well-known experts, sharing their opinions of the state of marketing in the industry today and what they predict to see in the coming years.

Are these trends top of mind for your business?



eBook: The Most Important Staffing & Recruiting


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