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AkkenCloud CaptureME is a browser Add-on Extension that automatically parses information on a web page and uses that information to match candidate and contact records in AkkenCloud database. It also makes it simple to capture new records and connect existing records with online profiles.

AkkenCloud CaptureME makes it easy to quickly source candidates and contacts without having to switch between browser windows or various websites. It eliminates the need to search and find – no more copy and paste. This Add-on extension works in the background without interrupting user browsing.

CaptureME will automatically indicate with different colors if a matching candidate or contact record exists in AkkenCloud database. User will have to click to view the summary of a record retrieved from the AkkenCloud database or click to add a new record to the database. The extension also offers to see all records if it finds multiple matching records and gives the option to connect the web information to a specific record.


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