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Vertical Solutions

Whether you need a solution that offers core components like shift scheduling and credential management for healthcare clients or need enhanced paperless onboarding to capture forms for light industrial job candidates, AkkenCloud has you covered. AkkenCloud’s end-to-end staffing software is built with the flexibility to serve all vertical markets, including healthcare, IT, clerical, professional services, commercial, and light industrial.

Solution for Industrial Staffing

If you want to effectively meet the needs of your clients and maintain a stable, compliant, and productive workforce, AkkenCloud can be configured to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your industrial staffing processes. AkkenClud focuses on automating and streamlining key functions to save time, improve accuracy, and accelerate job filling and financial transactions.

Solution for Office & Clerical Staffing

Our office and Clerical Staffing professional staffing solution streamlines the recruitment process, reducing reliance on job boards, Business enhancement and strategic insights for growth. This comprehensive suite is tailored to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of professional staffing.

Solution for Professional Staffing

If you are playing a crucial role in connecting specialized professionals with the right job opportunities, while helping organizations find the talent, they need to fill critical roles and drive their business forward, AkkenCloud can be configured to automate to find and manage the skilled professional for various professional industries including technical and managerial.

Solution for Engineering and IT Staffing

If you are focused on providing skilled professionals in the fields of engineering and information technology (IT) for companies looking to fill specific technical roles with qualified candidates, AkkenCloud can be configured bridging the gap between specialized job roles in these technical fields and qualified professionals, ensuring that your customers can access the talent they need to drive innovation and growth.

Solution for HealthCare Staffing

If you are trying to ensure that healthcare facilities and organizations have access to medical and healthcare professionals, especially in times of increased demand or staffing shortages, AkkenCloud can be configured to automate all of your core business processes.

Solution for Multi-Vertical Staffing

Do you provides personnel across multiple industries encompassing a wide range of job categories, offering a diverse array of staffing solutions? AkkenCloud can be configured to be a one-stop solution to service your cusotmers that operate in multiple sectors and have varied staffing requirements.

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