AkkenCloud™ makes every other system in the industry obsolete

Akken delivers the next generation cloud platform to the staffing and recruiting industry.

Nashua, NH – Akken, the staffing and recruiting efficiency improvement specialists, today announced the delivery of AkkenCloud™.  This next generation platform will change the way that staffing and recruiting companies approach their daily routine and overall productivity.  AkkenCloud™ is built using the latest technologies including HTML5, drag and drop, plug and use services with integrated front office, back office and intra-office functionality.  The AkkenCloud™ allows staffing and recruiting professionals to remain productive in any location, on any device.

 “Traditionally, the trend has been that staffing software was built using proprietary technologies and was based on the limited technical experience of its founders. These staffing software companies have had great difficulty trying to scale their solutions and incorporate the latest software tools due to that proprietary development. However, Akken had a long-term vision when we began developing our platform in 2002. We invested in technology that would allow us to continuously add the latest features our customers demanded and provide a flexible and modular platform to our customers in the staffing and recruiting industry, in record time,” said Giridhar Akkineni, Founder & CEO of Akken.

“We have been using Akken for a few years now and have looked at other vendors in the past, but have decided to stay with Akken due to their immediate response time to questions and concerns that we have, among other qualities.  With their newest release, they have jumped ahead of the pack with excellent changes that will be convenient and practical.  They truly listen to their customers.” said Tommy Vieira of Holland Square Group, a provider of Technology and Healthcare staffing located in Franklin, TN.

AkkenCloud™ is 100% web-based, cross-browser compatible and can be used on any device with no limits on its scalability within any business process. Some of the features included in this release are:Akken Cloud

  • New eDesk with dynamic drag and drop Widgets
  • Company-defined configuration
  • User-defined personalization
  • Manageable skills
  • Manageable roles and commissions tracking
  • Online invoice template editor, auto generation of hundreds of invoices with a click, email invoices

“While some of these features have already existed in legacy staffing and recruiting software, being able to deliver them in a 100% web-based and multi-tenant platform is our proudest achievement.  We take an enormous amount of pride in showcasing the forward-thinking capabilities of our technical team with the release of the AkkenCloud™” said Mr. Akkineni.

“We believe in Akken's potential capabilities. We believe in what Akken can do for us tomorrow not just what they enable us to do today. They deliver customer service with a positive attitude.  We ask for improvements whenever we need efficiencies and Akken works to accommodate our needs. Each release delivers more of what we need as our business grows. Having a technology partner like Akken helps us focus on our business.” Said Dori McBride of VP Total Solutions, a Valued & Professional Human Resource Solutions company in Flint, MI.

About Akken

Akken is the staffing and recruiting efficiency improvement specialist. Akken has helped hundreds of Staffing and Recruiting companies improve their efficiency, place more people into quality paying positions and increase customer retention. AkkenCloud™ is the first and only 100% web-based, multi-tenant, integrated software platform for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. The AkkenCloud™ is simple to use, with a fully integrated front office, back office and intra office. AkkenCloud™ provides businesses with the mobility to access and work from anywhere on any device.

For more information, please visit www.akken.com or call 1-866-590-6695 or text akken to 91011.

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