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AkkenCloud and Immediate Announce Groundbreaking Partnership to Empower Workforces with Instant Wage Access

Revolutionizing Payday Cycles: Integrating Immediate’s Real-Time Wage Access Platform into AkkenCloud’s Staffing Management Software

Nashua, NH – April 18, 2024

AkkenCloud, renowned for its commitment to redefining staffing simplicity and pioneering advanced automation and AI solutions for Staffing Industry, announced today a pivotal partnership with Immediate, an innovative provider of pay access solutions. This partnership delivers financial flexibility and empowerment directly to the workforce, providing earned wage access to thousands of employees utilizing AkkenCloud’s platform.

The partnership introduces Immediate’s real-time wage access platform to AkkenCloud’s staffing management software. This integration allows employees to access their earned but unpaid wages instantly, offering a much-needed alternative to traditional payday cycles and high-interest financial products.

Giridhar Akkineni, CEO of AkkenCloud, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Partnering with Immediate was a natural fit for us. Our mission has always been to equip staffing agencies with the tools to manage their operations efficiently while enhancing the lives of their employees. With Immediate, we’re advancing towards that goal by addressing one of the most pressing issues for workers today – access to their pay.”

The seamless integration offers a user-friendly experience for both employers and employees. Staffing agencies leveraging AkkenCloud can effortlessly offer Immediate’s services as a value-added benefit, with minimal operational overhead. Employees gain access to Immediate’s intuitive mobile app, enabling them to request instant transfers of their earned wages with unparalleled ease.

“Immediate’s mission has always been to provide employees with the financial tools they need to live better lives,” said Matt Pierce, CEO of Immediate. “By integrating with AkkenCloud, we are able to extend our reach within the staffing industry, providing thousands of employees with instant access to their earnings. This not only benefits the employees by offering them financial stability and wellness but also aids staffing agencies in attracting and retaining top talent.”

This pivotal partnership is poised to revolutionize the staffing industry, providing a competitive advantage to agencies while enabling employees to address their financial wellness and liquidity needs directly. It underscores the commitment of both Immediate and AkkenCloud to leverage technology for the betterment of workers nationwide.

For more information about Immediate and its integration with AkkenCloud, visit and

About Immediate
Immediate, founded in 2019, is a leading fintech payments provider dedicated to transforming the way employers pay their team. On a mission to impact one million workers, Immediate’s payment technology platform helps employers operate more efficiently while improving their workforce’s financial health.

About AkkenCloud
AkkenCloud leads the industry with its unparalleled front-office, middle-office, and back-office staffing software solutions. AkkenCloud’s innovative platform, complemented by AkkuPay, a specialized payroll software designed for the staffing and recruiting industry, empowers businesses to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.

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