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5 Staffing Best Practices Companies Can Do to Recruit More Young Professionals


Now more than ever, college graduates are finding it difficult to obtain gainful employment. The research indicates that we are still feeling the after-effects of the last recession with young professionals being the group most impacted by the slow recovery. According to a case study titled “The Class of 2015” by the Economic Policy Institute, the unemployment rate for those under 25 years of age is 12.3% – a number that is double the national average.

Most are quick to indicate that these alarming statistics are a purely economic consequence; however, could the recruiting and staffing industry be playing a role? A quick analysis of the recruiting industry as a whole would reveal that the majority of staffing companies are operating with outdated staffing software in addition to antiquated talent management strategies. With tech start-up culture booming, one would think that young professionals who have grown up in a technological world and have cultivated such skills since birth would be in high demand and that this would be reflected in the employment numbers. Instead of reflecting on factors that have led us here, the staffing industry must begin the process of incorporating staffing best practices.

5 things staffing companies can do to help recruit young professionals are:

  • Rethink your strategy and approach to recruiting. Do not let lack of industry experience scare you away from recruiting or placing candidates.In an age where technology is constantly evolving, industry experience is overrated. Companies need people who have the requisite skills to adapt and contribute. The guy in the cubicle next to you has 10 years of industry experience, but the recent college graduate has been teaching his parents how to use the newest gadgets and applications for the last 15 years. Who is going to be a more beneficial team member when the newest technology breaks?
  • Update your staffing software. The high demand for finding the best talent today relies on efficiency, relationships and speed. It is critical to invest in a staffing software that frees up your time and focuses on your growth. Is your current software enabling you to focus on creating personalized and prompt experiences for your candidates, or is it bogging you down with all the mundane and manual tasks associated with its outdated processes and functionality? Embrace today’s new technology and make the switch to a new staffing software that lets you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Have a clear and socially conscious mission statement. Young professionals tend to be idealistic and want to work for companies that are positively impacting the world. In addition to this, your mission statement should reflect a progressive, forward-thinking philosophy with an eye toward innovation.
  • Embrace flexibility. It is an increasingly common expectation that schedules will be flexible and that accessibility will allow for the occasional work-from-home day. Embrace this as it is fast-becoming the norm, but continues to be an attractive perk for many, especially recent college graduates.
  • Stay up-to-date and active on all social media platforms. Having a social media presence cannot be overstated. Young people go to social media outlets to interact with the brands and companies they like and it is also where they go to get their information. If you are not available or active, then you are not staying relevant.

Let us know in the comments what your staffing agency is doing to attract quality millennial candidates.

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