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A Look Into The Future of The Staffing Industry

ERE Recruiting Innovation Summit
Logo and Location for the ERE Recruiting Summit

The ERE Recruiting Innovation Summit took place at the Hilton San Francisco May 14th & 15th, presented by ERE Media. Andrew Karpie gave his account of the event, and what he believes the role of technology will mean for the future of recruitment. In brief, Karpie believes that things are going to be changing, and staffing companies will need to keep up to stay competitive. This is the same concept of nearly every type of business, but the information shared at this conference focused on the recruiting industry specifically.

The theme of the summit wasn’t too difficult to parse out and very simple to understand, with an opening keynote speech titled “Get Innovative or Get Dead.”

There were some simple messages from the summit that Karpie points out in his article:
  • The old models are not going to cut it—as life, business, and work become more digitized
  • Change/innovation is imperative, to succeed (even survive)
  • Technology is the primary driver of change and the enabler of innovation

At the summit there was a large focus on the importance of integrating technology into the daily operations of businesses. There are many different applications (both online, and off) that fill different roles, from candidate sourcing, to applicant tracking systems, and more.

Recruiting application integration in the cloud.Even more important is how to integrate all of the different applications, and services available to companies together into packages that work together, and allow seamless transition of information from one application to the next. There is only one service in the staffing & recruiting industry that allows for multiple applications to be brought together & work together, all in a simple cloud environment, and that is the AkkenCloud.

The future of the industry looks to be continually more dependent on technology, and networking over the Internet. At AkkenCloud we are continually looking for ways to innovate our service to provide the best services possible for our customers. Find out how the AkkenCloud can work for your staffing company today!

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