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Candidate Engagement Tips In Today’s Market

All successful businesses understand the importance of recruitment. Bringing in fresh talent is a large part of what keeps companies relevant. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to engage today’s generation of candidates.

Candidate EngagementMake sure you have a positive online presence

The internet is almost certainly going to be the first place candidates go to learn about your organization. They’ll probably look at your website to see what you have to say about yourselves. They will definitely look at social media and similar platforms to see what they can find out about you from other people.

This is yet another reason why you should be actively managing your online reputation. At the very least, make sure that people who land on your social media platforms have a rewarding experience.  Also, make sure that you engage with people who leave you reviews. Ideally, have people representing your brand across any and all relevant platforms.

Network through virtual events

It’s great to engage with potential candidates at live events. It can, however, be vastly more practical to engage with them online. What’s more, with video-calling, you can retain a lot of the social interaction you’d get at live events.

There are lots of ways to leverage the internet as an event venue. For example, you can opt to run “bite-sized” events on a regular basis. These are often totally impractical if you need to get people together in a real-world location. They are, however, totally viable online and often more convenient for everyone.

That said, you can certainly use the internet for longer events if you wish. In fact, the internet can be perfect for large-scale events.  Cyberspace is big enough for everyone, affordable, and easy to find.  Internet outages are rare, plus people may have a backup connection, even if it’s just their phone.  They’re certainly much rarer than transport and parking issues.

Craft great job adverts

One of the major benefits of the internet is that you can craft long-form, multimedia job adverts.  Make the most of the opportunities this offers.  The best way to structure a modern job advert is to start with a summary of the key points then develop these in the body of the advert.  This respects the reader’s time by letting them know quickly if the job is a potential fit for them. 

If someone is engaged enough to keep reading, then it’s safe to assume that they’re seriously interested.  There is, however, a difference between interest and fit.  This difference can be small, in fact, it’s often found in the details, but it’s often hugely significant.

This means that you should use the space the internet offers to provide plenty of detail about what the job actually entails.  For example, if you’re recruiting for a customer service role, then let people know what percentage of interactions come through what channel.  Knowing the percentage of voice calls versus written communications may be very important to candidates.

If possible, include a video link to someone who’s already performing the role.  If the role is new, then look for someone else who can talk about it first-hand, perhaps the hiring manager.  It’s fine to prompt the speaker with questions, but make sure you allow each speaker to give their own authentic opinions in their own voice.

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