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Here’s How What You Drive Affects Your Chances of Getting Hired

If you show up for an interview in a professional setting in your old dented car from high school, chances are they aren’t going to care that you are saving up your money to travel the world. The way you present yourself professionally has a lot to do with how successful you will be in your career, and hiring managers pay attention to this key detail. Just as you wouldn’t show up to an interview in ripped jeans, driving a basically clean and orderly vehicle is part of how you present yourself and your company to the world.

Your ride speaks volumes about your personal brand

What you drive says a lot about you, and this is something that can speak to your level of professional commitment in the eyes of a potential employer.

Celebrities’ businesses are themselves, and maintaining a strong personal brand is crucial to keeping them working. As such, their cars typically speak volumes about their personal brands, signaling to the outside world that they are committed to playing the part. Oprah Winfrey’s Tesla Model S signals that she’s serious, practical, and environmentally conscious, while Paris Hilton’s pink Bentley GT Continental signals that she’s committed to being noticed wherever she goes.

Chris Brown has a fighter-jet inspired Lamborghini, signaling that he is no stranger to controversy and even may embrace it. Many celebrities drive plain vehicles, signaling that they haven’t let their fame go to their heads. From the looks of Jennifer Lawrence’s Volkswagen and Daniel Radcliffe’s Fiat hatchback, many celebrities don’t feel the need to be noticed every moment of every day.

Even The Pope drives an old 1984 Renault hatchback when he needs to get around The Vatican.

The only thing that will differentiate you from a crowd of other people trying to do the same thing is how you demonstrate your level of commitment to your career. You don’t have to drive a Lamborghini or wear an Armani suit when you are interviewing, but you do have to consider how you will be perceived.

How will a potential employer perceive the vehicle you drive?

Learn more about what your vehicle may say about you from this infographic from Digital EFX Wraps.


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