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Applicant Tracking Systems Enhance (But Don’t Replace) Recruiting

Applicant Tracking SystemWhen it comes to the relationship between recruiters and applicant tracking systems, there is a definite two-way street: an ATS is best leveraged when there is a recruiter behind it, while the probability of success for a recruiter is likewise enhanced by an ATS.

In today’s world, many are prone to the thought that an applicant tracking system could feasibly replace an actual recruiter. When it comes to recruiting tools, ATSs accelerate the practice of discovering, hiring, and managing quality candidates, which can be naturally laborious and highly administrative. It organizes and tracks recruiting efforts with little difficulty, and meanwhile allows recruiters to track candidates from anywhere on the globe. However, without capable recruiters to personalize the recruiting experience, the value of the software cannot be fully realized.

Developing a recruiting strategy is essential, and investing in staffing software with ATS frees up time to do this. With applicant tracking software, recruiters can spend time creating a company identity that appeals to the type of candidates they want to attract. Applicant tracking systems that leverage the cloud also provide recruiters the ability to work online remotely and securely—whenever, wherever. An innovative ATS helps firms efficiently communicate with applicants and suitably place them while guaranteeing speed and productivity.

One of the most valuable features of applicant tracking systems is the forecasting and analytics that they provide, but these need to be interpreted and summarized by real people so that managers can improve their specific recruitment strategies. With the help of applicant tracking, recruiters can identify various opportunities or, conversely, areas where changes need to be made. It’s the recruiter’s responsibility to put this insight to use and better their business.

On the whole, it’s tough to contest that recruitment software with applicant tracking systems are vital to the success of staffing and recruiting firms because they enable recruiters to focus on strategy, build relationships, and find hires that will truly be suitable for specific organizations. They save time and spur firms to become more productive and efficient. Applicant tracking software can help recruiters, but it can’t replace them—because, while ATSs are analytical, organizational wizards, recruiters are dynamic, interpersonal machines. And to paint a figurative portrait of recruiting success, one is the paint and the other the brush; without both, the picture is never complete.

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