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How to Optimize Your Job Posts for Maximum Exposure

optimize job posts

In the next year, among employed adults, 62 percent have very little interest in looking for a new job. Surprisingly, that percentage is higher among unemployed adults. This means the search for qualified candidates takes concerted effort, and a well-written job description helps.

Longer job descriptions get, on average, 30% more applications. Optimize it for even more exposure: Choose keywords that relate to your company, brand, and products and services, and use location-specific terms. Include these keywords in your meta description, unique URL, and title tag.

Just as important as optimizing your job postings correctly is hosting them on your website. Categorize vacancies and use simple and intuitive UI to help candidates find positions you’re advertising. It’s important to host job descriptions on your website, as posting only on career sites often results in a flood of inappropriate, unqualified applications—which results in increased work and wasted time for your staff.

Save time and find great candidates by using social media. LinkedIn and industry-specific networks are powerful resources, and you must proactively search for job seekers. Learn more about how to find new candidates for your funnel, as well as about optimizing your job descriptions, in this infographic.

Optimize Job Posts

How to Optimize Your Job Posts for Maximum Exposure



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