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How To Use Twitter For Recruiting

With over 302 million active monthly users, Twitter continues to be one of the most invaluable resources for staffing and recruiting companies. Recent studies show that 76% of job seekers use Twitter to look at company profiles for new opportunities and 58% of them actively use Twitter throughout their entire job searching process. If used correctly, Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool to help recruiters to capitalize on these trends and fill their open positions faster and more effectively. In this informative infographic, we share best practices for recruiters on how to use Twitter to reach active candidates.



How to Use Twitter for Recruiting



Can you take a look at this? As a recruiter it may help being able to search all 500 of craigslist cities for resumes or jobs Would you be willing to do a write up on your blog?

Hi! Please send more info to our blog manager, John White. You can reach him at Thanks!

Using social media tools are really very beneficial for companies. Firms create a presence on social media sites to bolster their brand and interest in people to apply for jobs. In turn, social media sites provide tools for recruiting also using AI dependent tools to pool the best talent with less effort.

Social media can create a great value for engagement people. Thanks for this amazing post.

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